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Application - Current

Application- Current Scholar (Extension)

The IHS Scholarship Program accepts applications for health profession students seeking scholarship support during the application cycle. The application cycle is from December 30 to February 28.

Click the "Apply Now" button to access the online application during the application cycle (December 30-February 28).

We recommend that you use the Application Handbook listed under Program Resources to guide you through the application process. Your Scholarship Analyst is available to answer your questions about the program.

All Current Scholars

You must upload the following documentations:

  1. Letter of Good Academic Standing. The letter must be on school letterhead and state that you are in good standing with the college/university. The letter must include the degree program seeking and anticipated graduation date (month/year). Your advisor or school official must sign the letter.
  2. Transcript. You must upload the last term completed by the application deadline.

Transfer to Health Professions Program (Current Scholars)

Transfer from 103 Program (Preparatory or Pre-Graduate) to 104 Program (Health Professions)

You must upload the following documentations:

  1. Proof of Application/Letter of Acceptance. Proof of application must include language that shows the college/university received your application and when the school expects to begin accepting new students. The letter of acceptance must be on official school letterhead. The letter of acceptance received by email must have school return email address. The letter of acceptance must clearly state that you were accepted (or admitted) to the college/university and include a semester or start date. The letter of acceptance must be received by July 1.
  2. Degree/Major Plan of Study
  3. Transcript. You must upload the last term completed by the deadline.
  4. Change of Status. You must complete a Change of Status form (lHS-856-10) if you are transferring from a 103 Program to a 104 Program and changing your graduation date. The form can be found on this page under Program Resources (Student Forms).