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Health Care Centers

The IHS-JVN Teleophthalmology program is available to IHS/Tribal/Urban facilities, with deployment prioritization based upon site interest and capacity to host the program, and public health criteria. However the program is mandatory at the following IHS facilities:

  • Indian Health Service hospitals ( by the end of FY13)
  • Indian Health Service health care facilities with a diabetes Registry greater than 500 (by the end of FY14)

Currently, The IHS-JVN teleophthalmology program is deployed at more than 80 IHS/Tribal/Urban facilities in 24 states.

Download a list of facilities where the IHS-JVN teleophthalmology program is available. [PDF - 73 KB]

IHS-JVN Teleophthalmology Program FacilityIHS-JVN Teleophthalmology Program Facility