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The IHS Web Services team provides numerous services and solutions. Below is a complete list of ever service we can provide to you:

Website Creation

The Web Services team is the IHS resources for all things and should always be the first people you contact concerning anything web based at IHS.

Web Application Development

A web application is something that users can enter data into or manipulate data in. A few examples include Find Healthcare or Jobs. If you need something like this give us a call and lets discuss what you need.

Web Analytics

We can provide you your websites usage data, trends and much more. This information can help us tailor your site to meet your user's needs.

Accessibility and Section 508

From making an image on your website 508 compliant to giving a training to you and your staff on how to create compliant PDFs, we are here for you.

Social Media

Want to engage your external customers in a new way? We can help you come up with a plan that meets IHS requirements and will help you deliver the information your audiences need.

Plain Language

All government websites and documents are required to be in Plain Language, we can help you tailor your content in a way that is both readable and meets the federal standard.


LISTSERV lists have been around forever but are still very simple and easy ways to communicate with large groups of people. We can set them up for you and your internal or external users. Learn more at the LISTSERV web site.

Graphics and Image Editing

Our designers not only produce some fantastic websites, they also create and manipulate photos and graphics for other purposes. If you need some work done, check with us.

Interactive Maps

We can take your data and plot it on a map to better display your data in a visual format. A great example of this is our Find Healthcare.