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Q: Is there a cost to have the web services program create a website for my program/office?
A: No, there is currently not a cost associated with the creation of websites or web applications; however, we would be more than willing to accept fund transfers for the work that is done.

Q: Can I hire a web designer to redesign my website?
A: Yes, however the designer will have to work within the constraints of the template and standards. You must contact the Web Services Manager.

Q: Can I hire a web application programmer to create my program/office a web based system?
A: Yes. However, you must follow the HHS mandated IT investment process that is managed within IHS by the Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) program and the web application must follow the standard web development process.

Q: What is the difference between and
A: is the IHS Intranet website meaning it is internal to IHS and can only be accessed from within our network. This website is meant to have information for IHS employees concerning day to day activities, forms, HR information, etc. The website is the public face of IHS and is meant to provide information to our external users. Information exclusively for IHS employees is prohibited from being posted on

Q: If my website is on the intranet it doesn't need to be compliant, right?
A: No, all websites and content created by the government must be Section 508 compliant.

Q: Can I build a website on Google Sites for my program?
A: No. The federal government is required to use the domain space they have available as their official location for websites. In the case of IHS our official domain is and all websites created by IHS need to be located there.

Q: How do I change the location of the link to my office/program website?
A: Your office/program website is located on the page it is because of the audience and/or the topic. If you believe this to be an incorrect location for the website please contact the Web Services Manager.