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Social Media Requests

To make a formal request for an Indian Health Service social media website please fill out the below form in full and hit the submit button. Your request will be reviewed and approved by IHS Web Services Management, Division of Information Security, and Office of Public Affairs to ensure that the request is appropriate and well thought out since the site will be representing the agency. Please be as descriptive as possible throughout this form as it will help evaluating the request. Additionally, you will need to read and understand the IHS Social Media Comment Policy [PDF - 58KB]

If you have any questions about how to fill this form out please email us.

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Who will this social media site be intended for?

How and why is this social media site needed? How does it fit in with IHS mission goals? What needs to occur for its use to be successful?

How will this social media site integrate with the current Area, Service Unit, Office or Program communications strategy?

How often will information be updated and added? What features will be used on the social media page and why?

How will success be measured and evaluated? (e.g., number of postings, user involvement, etc)

Describe two weeks of content that will be posted.

Who will be the account administrators (employee names and position title)? Do they require special web access to be successful in this role?