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Course Administration


Instructor Course Administration consists of adding comments to a course, editing and deleting comments from a course, contacting students before and during a course, adding a student to a “By Request” course, tracking student attendance, tracking student tuition due, uploading course materials, and using reports such as certificates. To perform these tasks, the Course Director or Instructor uses the following pages within the CDE website:

  • My Instruct to begin Instructor / Course Director tasks
  • Course Detail to access specific information on a course
  • Add Comment to add a comment to a course
  • Edit Comment to edit or delete a comment within a course
  • Track Attendance to enter full attendance and post-course work completion date for a student
  • Track Tuition to issue invoices and receipts for tuition due
  • Attendance Detail to enter partial attendance for a student

To view the details of a task, click the link in the task list on the right side of this page.