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Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) Staff

Federal Register description of the DBH Office and Staff [PDF - 190 KB]

Acting Director, Community Health Representative Lead Tamara James
Acting Deputy Director Raven Ross
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program D. Joel Beckstead
Community Health Representative Lead Vacant
DVPI Coordinator, National Selina Keryte
Forensic Nurse Consultant Erica Gourneau
Management Analyst Shelly Carter
Mental Health Lead Miranda Carman
MSPI Coordinator, National Audrey Solimon
MSPI/DVPI Data Coordinator Raven Ross
MSPI/DVPI Project Officer, Billings Area Scott Zander
MSPI/DVPI Project Officer, California and Portland Area Sarah Tillman
MSPI/DVPI Project Officer, Great Plains Area Cleota Burnette
MSPI/DVPI Project Officer, Navajo Area Elsie Joe
MSPI/DVPI Project Officer/Urban, Public Health Advisor, Urban Steven Whitehorn
Native Youth and Community Aide Lead and Public Health Advisor Minette Galindo
Oklahoma City Area Project Officer Amanda Bradley
Recruitment and Retention Lead Jennifer Downs
Staff Analyst Michele Muir Howard
Suicide Prevention Consultant, IHS National Pamela End of Horn
TeleBehavioral Health Center of Excellence Director Chris Fore
TeleBehavioral Health Center of Excellence, Associate Coordinator Skye Bass
Zero Suicide Initiative, National Lead Sean Bennett