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Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) Staff

Director Glorinda Segay
Acting Deputy Director/Health Science Administrator Tamara James
Health Science Administrator/Data Coordinator David Paschane
Behavioral Health Aide Bobbi Jo Peltier
Management Analyst Shelly Carter
Management Analyst Jessica Larson

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Branch

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Branch Chief Kateri Fletcher-Sahmaunt
Public Health Advisor Cassandra Allen
Management Analyst Teddi Penland

Behavioral Health Initiatives Branch

Behavioral Health Initiatives Branch Chief Audrey Solimon
Area Project Officer, SASP/DVP (Oklahoma) Amanda Bradley
Area Project Officer, SASP/DVP (Great Plains, California) Jeremy Willie
Area Project Officer, SASP/DVP (Navajo, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Nashville) Elsie Joe
Area Project Officer, SASP/DVP (Urban) Sarah Tillman
Area Project Officer, SASP/DVP (Billings, Bemidji) Scott Zander
Staff Analyst Michele Muir Howard

Mental Health Branch

Mental Health Branch Chief         Barbara Roland
BH2I Federal Program Official Barbara Roland
Suicide Prevention Consultant, IHS National (Public Health Advisor), Zero Suicide Initiative Pamela End of Horn

Telebehavioral Health Branch

TeleBehavioral Health Center of Excellence Director Chris Fore
Management Analyst Jonah Begay
IT Specialist Lyle Benally
Physician (Psychiatry) Duane Chase
Telehealth Coordinator Daniel Cook
Management Analyst Alaina George
Psychologist Stacy Miller
Social Worker Skye Bass
Administrative Support Assistant Mary Toledo