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Funding Opportunities

The IHS Division of Behavioral Health does not have any open funding opportunity announcements at this time.

Closed Announcements

Zero Suicide Initiative (ZSI)

In August 2017, the Indian Health Service (IHS) announced a Zero Suicide Initiative (ZSI) funding opportunity, a cooperative agreement intended to improve the system of care by implementing a comprehensive, culturally informed, multi-setting approach in Indian health systems for those at risk for suicide. The award represented a continuation of IHS's efforts to implement the Zero Suicide approach in Indian Country. The application was due in October, 2017.

Behavioral Health Integration Initiative (BH2I)

In August 2017, IHS announced a new Behavioral Health Integration Initiative (BH2I) funding opportunity. The purpose of the BH2I program is to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate behavioral health integration with primary care, community based settings, and/or integrating primary care, nutrition, diabetes care, and chronic disease management with behavioral health. These were Fiscal Year 2017 funds that had to be obligated by September 30, 2017.

The application deadline was September 16, 2017. Applicants could apply at one of the following links:

BH2I Technical Assistance Webinar

For guidance for Tribes, Tribal organizations, Urban Indian organizations, and IHS Federal facilities, listen to the Behavioral Health Integration Initiative (BH2I) Technical Assistance webinar recording. Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 

Preventing Alcohol-Related Deaths (PARD)

On August 14, 2017, the IHS announced the Preventing Alcohol-Related Deaths (PARD) funding opportunity for the Great Plains and Navajo IHS Areas. The purpose of the IHS Preventing Alcohol-Related Deaths cooperative agreement is to increase access to community-based prevention strategies to provide social detoxification, evaluation, stabilization, fostering patient readiness for and entry into treatment for alcohol use disorders and when appropriate, other substance use disorders. Applicants must have a fully operational and staffed social detoxification program that provides all three critical components of the detoxification process that primarily serves Indians. IHS will use this funding to focus on the provision of services in the Navajo and Great Plains Areas. Congress has highlighted that the community of Gallup, New Mexico, continues to face urgent needs for substance abuse treatment, residential services, and detoxification services to address an ongoing crisis of alcohol-related deaths of Tribal members. Senate Appropriations Committee Report 114-281 expressed the Committee's expectation that IHS use funds provided in its appropriation to continue its assistance toward addressing this issue in the city of Gallup, New Mexico. Additionally, IHS is aware of the urgent need for alcohol detoxification services in the Great Plains Area. IHS anticipated making two awards: one for Navajo and one for Great Plains.

The application deadline was September 16, 2017. Applicants could find more information in the Federal Register Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving and can apply via Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 

Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative (DVPI)

On July 28, 2017, IHS announced a new Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative (DVPI) funding opportunity. The purpose of the DVPI funding is to expand outreach and increase awareness of domestic and sexual violence, provide victim advocacy, intervention, case coordination, policy development, community response teams, community and school education programs, and forensic healthcare services.

The application deadline was August 31, 2017. Applicants could apply at one of the following links: