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Food Sovereignty in Indigenous Communities

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. According to the US Department of Agriculture in 2019, food insecurity is defined as a “Lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.”

2. According to the Indigenous Food Systems: Concepts, Cases, and Conversations, Indigenous food sovereignty includes which of the following:

3. According to the Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, Household Food Security in the US data showed that in 2020, an estimated 1 in 8 Americans were food insecure, equating to over 38 million Americans, including 12 million children.

4. In 2017, First Nations Development Institute researchers found that 54% of AI/AN people live in rural and small town areas. People of Color/Natives living in rural communities experience some of the highest rates of food insecurity of any racial of ethnic group.

5. According to the Food Insecurity among American Indians and Alaska Natives: A National Profile using the Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement, from 2000-2010, 25% of AI/ANs were twice as likely to be food insecure compared to whites.

6. Which of the following affect food insecurity and diabetes prevention:

7. The Food Resource Equity & Sustainability for Health (FRESH) Study aims included which of the following:

8. The conclusions from the FRESH Study included which of the following: