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About Us

IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

The IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention (DDTP) is responsible for developing, documenting, and sustaining clinical and public health efforts to treat and prevent diabetes in American Indians and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people. The DDTP also plays a central role in managing and supporting the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) and other diabetes-related initiatives.

Special Diabetes Program for Indians

In response to the diabetes epidemic among AI/AN people, Congress established the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) in 1997. The SDPI provides funds for diabetes prevention and treatment services to IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian communities across the United States. As a result, AI/AN communities now have much needed diabetes programs and increased access to quality diabetes care.

Healthy Lifestyles in Youth Project

This project provides funds that help promote healthy lifestyles among AI/AN youth at selected Boys and Girls Club sites using the “Together Raising Awareness for Indian Life” (T.R.A.I.L.) curriculum. The long-term goal is to prevent or delay the onset of obesity and related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.


Area Diabetes Consultants

Each of the 12 IHS Areas has an Area Diabetes Consultant (ADC) who provides support and training to SDPI sites in that Area. The ADCs are health care professionals with expertise in diabetes. They play a critical role in diabetes program improvement, as well as SDPI grant oversight and accountability.

Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee

Tribal consultation is an integral part of federal program development. The Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee (TLDC) makes recommendations to the IHS Director on broad-based policy and advocacy priorities for diabetes and related chronic conditions. The TLDC is composed of one elected Tribal Leader from each of the 12 IHS Areas, one federal representative, and technical advisors from groups representing national organizations.