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Division of Financial Management

Chief Finance Officer

  • Provides Area staff services in all financial management activities, current and long-range budget formulations and implementation, and establishes and maintains an approved financial accounting system.
  • Provides all services necessary for preparation of formal budget estimates.
  • Examines and analyzes reports in order to project funds.
  • Evaluates, examines, analyzes, and processes all accounting transactions to the various allowances and appropriations.
  • Provides for posting documents to ADP input to generate the detailed allowance and general ledger reports for management use.
  • Provides all services for planning, directing, and coordinating the voucher examining functions.
  • Advises management on status of all funds for the AAIHS that ensures accountability, responsibility and transparency.

Accounting Branch

  • Provides accounting services for the Great Plains and Bemidji Areas concerned with the maintenance of accounting ledgers, records, and transactions in UFMS and its modules and sub-systems.
  • Record in UFMS all fiscal documents, i.e. obligations, payments, collections, GL adjustments, etc. that ensures accuracy and correctness in the accounts.
  • Provides accounting reports and data analysis in compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Maintains and operate financial and accounting systems in an organized manner that consistently collects, processes, transmits, and disseminates financial information and reports.
  • Implements OMB Circular A-34 involving accounting internal control procedures.

Accounts Payable Section

(1) Provides fiscal accounting services for the Great Plains and Bemidji Areas concerned with the maintenance of accounting ledgers and records under UFMS and its Accounts Payable module. (2) Provides services involving complex auditing and examining procedures of voucher payments including the Great Plains and Bemidji areas. (3) Ensures payments are made on time to all vendors, contractors and other customers.

Accounts Receivable Section

(1) Maintains reports and records that support all accounts receivable. (2) Enters all deposits, Reconciles GL accounts against the subsidiary ledgers, reports, and records. (3) Coordinates with the Area Business Office and Service Units all activities and issues related to the UFMS/RPMS interface.

General Ledger Section

(1) Prepares Dept. of Treasury's SF-224 Report, and UFMS 6652/6653 Cash reconciliations. (2) Reconciles all other GL accounts against the subsidiary ledgers/records, and make all accounting GL adjustments. (3) Provides accounting reports, records, and documents requested by Area management, Headquarters, Auditors, and other authorities.

Budget Branch

  • Provides direction for the organization, coordination of execution of budget operations.
  • Develops Operating Plan Authority, submits annual Spending Plan to IHS Hqs.
  • Monitors and reconciles Budget Authority at the Allotment, Budget Activity Program (BAP), Allowance and Location levels.
  • Provides Funds Status Report to Area management and all operating units.

Contact Information: 605-226-7521