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Purchased/Referred Care

This page is intended to provide very basic information on the PRC Program; for more specific information please contact your local PRC program.

Great Plains Area IHS consists of 15 IHS hospitals/health centers and 7 tribally operated health centers located throughout SD, ND, NE, & IA. Each IHS hospital/health center and tribally operated health center administer their own PRC program.

PRC funds are used in situations where the direct care element is incapable of providing required emergency and/or specialty care; patients are then referred to private sector health facilities. PRC is not an entitlement program and a PRC referral is not an implication care will be paid; it is a referral for medical services.

PRC funds are used to compliment and supplement other health care resources available to eligible patients. PRC funds may not be expended for services that are reasonably accessible and available at IHS/Tribal health care facilities. IHS may pay for authorized PRC care, only after all other alternate resources are exhausted; some examples of alternate resources are Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance.

If IHS/PRC is requested to pay for health care at a Non-IHS/Tribal facility then patients must meet the following PRC requirements, proof is required.

  • Enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe or descendant of an enrolled member
  • Residency Requirement (reside within the PRC Delivery Area)
  • Notify local PRC Program within 72 hours of receiving emergent care.
  • Medical Priority Requirement (emergent care)
  • Required use of alternate resources

For more information on the PRC programs in the Great Plains Area IHS please contact Karla Hall, Area PRC Officer or Ed Chasing Hawk, Health System Specialist at 605-226-7575.