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The IHS National HIV/AIDS Program (HIV/AIDS) coordinates and promotes HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment activities specific to Indians as part of a comprehensive public health approach. In addition to providing medical care to eligible beneficiaries, the IHS also serves as a public health system. The goals of the HIV/AIDS Program are to prevent further spread of HIV and improve health outcomes for those already living with HIV and AIDS. These goals are supported through the following:

  • identifying new approaches to implement effective prevention interventions;
  • developing HIV prevention and care standards and performance measures;
  • reducing and preventing new infections by communicating public health messages on the importance of knowing personal HIV status;
  • increasing routine HIV screening;
  • increasing access to care and improving health outcomes for people living with HIV and AIDS;
  • developing policies and procedures to sustain preventative successes including confidentiality concerns;
  • utilizing media to expand access to information about testing, stigma prevention, and HIV education for health care providers and AI/AN people; and
  • providing technical assistance to Indian Tribes, Tribal organizations, and urban Indian organizations regarding these HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs.