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Your Site Manager can download iCare software from the RPMS web site.
RPMS software download site.

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

iCare puts a Graphic User Interface (GUI) on your existing RPMS solution. Visually organize and view patient information that is most important to your tasks.

Site Level Visibility

Quickly organize views to provide relevant site statistics. Decision making is made easier when data is in hand.

Patient Panels

Organize patients through the creation of panels base on the criteria you set. Panels can be configured using any number of hundreds of options. Tune out the noise see what you need to see.

Reminders / Aggregated

The Reminders tabs displays the national reminders that are pulled from the same data as the Health Summary report reminders in RPMS (such as lab test, immunization, etc.) Aggregated reports display percentages and counts within a panel.

National Measures / Aggregated

The Natl Measures tab displays IHS national clinical performance measures as defined and reported in the RPMS Clinical Reporting System (CRS). This information can now be viewed by location.

Care Management Event Tracking (CMET)

Care Management Event Tracking adds new functionality to Women's Health. Providers and case managers can track patient events in the following categories: Breast, Cervical, Colon, INFECT DIS (Infectious Disease), Liver, Skeletal, Prostate and STI. 

Care Management 

Get detailed information about patient's condition-specific data including Asthma, COPD, COVID, Diabetes, DM Audit, Employee Health, Hep C, HIV/AIDS, Immunizations, Pediatric and Prenatal. 

Flag List

Four optional flag types have been created to help user hone in on key events. Flags address: Abnormal Labs, ER Visits, Unanticipated ER Returns, and Hospital Admissions.

Community Alerts

Keep abreast with increased visibility of CDC Nationally Notifiable Diseases. Awareness and prevention go hand in hand to speeding recovery.

User Preferences

Customize what you see and when you see it through setting your user preferences. Focus iCare on what your specialty is.

Patient View

An inclusive view into your patient. Some of the many items displayed are: Cover Sheet, Referrals, DX Tags, Family History, Best Practice Prompts, Summaries, Supplementals, PCC Data, and Problem list.

Care Management

Get detailed information about patient's condition-specific data including Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, DM Audit, Employee Health, Hep C, HIV/AIDS, Immunizations, Pediatric and Prenatal.

Diagnostic Tags

iCare provides multiple levels of displaying tags at both the panel and patient levels. A quick glance will provide details about the tag, status, and status changes.

Improving Patient Care (IPC)

iCare provides multiple tabs of improving patient care data allowing automated data collection and population of data exports necessary for IPC reporting.

Taxonomy View

The iCare application displays taxonomies and their respective entries. A new column indicating the coding system has been added to indicate if the taxonomy entry is related to ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, CPT, NDC or SNOMED CT. Additionally, users can review SNOMED and RxNorm subsets, as well.

iCare helps IHS providers by:

  • Proactively identifying and managing different groups (populations) of patients who share user-defined characteristics.
  • Providing an integrated view of a patient's conditions that would minimize "stovepiped" care management.
  • Providing an intuitive and integrated interface to the diverse patient data elements of the RPMS database.
  • Facilitating provider review of clinical quality of care measures for their own patients to enable improvement in the quality of healthcare delivery.
  • Enabling views of traditional healthcare information from the perspectives of community, population and public health.