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Site/IT Manager Support

This page is provided as a brief description of requirements to installing the iCare Population Management System. For detailed instructions including BQI routines, files, menus, cross references, globals and explanations, please review the iCare documentation accessed through the link above.


The iCare Population Management GUI (BQI) software is a component of the Indian Health Service (IHS) Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) that provides case management functions. Case management provides a mechanism to inform healthcare providers about single or multiple disease states and conditions and to follow up clinical interventions. These applications can assist healthcare providers in identifying high-risk patients, tracking care reminders and the health status of individuals or populations, providing appropriate care by embedding evidence-based guidelines, and reporting outcomes. Appropriate case management improves the delivery of care, as well as the outcome. In addition, there are documented fiscal benefits when appropriate case management is introduced into the healthcare business process model.

All routines, files, options, and keys are namespaced starting with the letters BQI. The file number range for this package is 90505-90509.99.


The RPMS server portion of the iCare application does not require a specific version, cache or operation system (OS). However, the RPMS server must be able to fully support BMXNet (BMX) 4.0 or higher, and is therefore subject to any requirements need to run that application. Please refer to the BMX version 4.0 Technical Manual for details.

ModuleMinimum VersionRecommended Version
iCare (BQI) v2.9 Patch 4

Software minimum versions recommended to allow iCare to work properly.

ModuleMinimum VersionRecommended Version
IHS ICD/CPT Lookup & Grouper (AICD) v4.0 Patch 1
Taxonomy (ATX) v5.1 Patch 48
VA FileMan (DI) v22.0 Patch 1020
VA Kernel (XU) v8.0 Patch 1020
Toolkit (XT) v7.3 Patch 1019
BMXNet (BMX) v4.0 Patch 5
IHS/VA Utilities (XB) v3.0 through Patch 11
Patient Information Management System (PIMS) v5.3 Patch 1021
IHS Clinical Reporting (BGP) v23.0
PCC Data Entry (APCD) v2.0 through Patch 10
PCC Health Summary (APCH) v2.0 through Patch 17
Q-Man (AMQQ) v2.0 through Patch 21
HIV Management System (BKM) v2.1 Patch 2
IHS Asthma Register (BAT) v1.0
IHS PCC Suite (BJPC) v2.0 Patch 28
Immunization (BI) v8.5 Patch 25 and v.8.5 Patch 1012
IHS User Security Audit (BUSA) v1.0 Patch 4
Diabetes Management System (BDM) v2.0 Patch 16
Designated Provider Mgt System (BDP) v1.0 Patch 1
EHR v1.1 Patch 34
Clinical Reminders (PXRM) v2.0 Patch 2009
Text Integration Utilities (TIU) v1.0 Patch 1027
CPT FILES (ACPT) v2.23 Patch 2
ICD UPDATE (AUM) v23.0 Patch 3
Lab Service (LR) v5.2 Patch 1052
CCDA (BCCD) v2.0 Patch 2

User Desktop (Client) Requirements

Client PCMinimum Versions
Microsoft® Windows® (any Windows® OS that supports .NET 4.0 Framework) Windows® 10 or newer,
Windows 2016 Server® or higher
Microsoft® .NET Framework (The iCare installation package will check
for the .NET framework prerequisite and
will assist the user with download and
installation if needed)
V4.6.2 (minimum client version)
Suggested client PC hardware Processor:
Minimum: Pentium III 800MHz
Suggested: Pentium 4 2GHz+
Memory (RAM):
Minimum: 2048MB
Suggested: 4096MB+
Approximate disk space requirements iCare application footprint ˜58MB