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Listed on this page are the current OIT-sponsored RPMS iCare trainings. For course descriptions and to register visit the RPMS Class Schedule.

NOTE: Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) training events are open only to individuals affiliated with Indian Health Service, Tribal, or Urban Indian health program facilities in the United States.

E-Learning: These are instructor-led demonstrations via web and phone. This class type does not include hands-on instruction. Participants may join from their home site with phone and computer/internet access

  • iCare: Nuts and Bolts Part 1
  • iCare: Nuts and Bolts Part 2
  • iCare: Care Management Event Tracking (CMET) Part 1
  • iCare: Care Management Event Tracking (CMET) Part 2
  • iCare: Office Hours

Classroom: This is an intensive instructor-led lecture and hands-on in an OIT training environment. The instructor is either on-site or the area office provides proctor support while the instructor teaches via web and phone. Participants must be in the classroom to participate.

  • iCare- A Population Management Tool

Recorded Sessions: Shorter, more focused demos on specific iCare functionality have been recorded and can be viewed via Recording and Material Library. To access these recordings, log in Recording and Material Library, search Category “RPMS Application” and Sub-Category “iCare Management System (BQI)”