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Nurse of the Month Recipients

May 2022

Read about May Nurse of the Month, Dean Cremat [PDF - 201 KB], RN, PHN, BSN and Behavioral Health Case Manager.

April 2022

Read about April Nurse of the Month, Melissa Wyaco [PDF - 83 KB], Area Nurse Consultant at the Navajo Area Indian Health Service.

March 2022

Read about March Nurse of the Month, Alonna Adair [PDF - 90 KB], Chief Nurse Executive at the Claremore Indian Hospital.

February 2022

Read about February Nurse of the Month, Christina Morin [PDF - 100 KB], COVID-19 Vaccine Point of Contact and Coordinator at Quentin N Burdick Memorial Health Care Facility in the Great Plains Area IHS.

January 2022

Read about January Nurse of the Month, LCDR Michelle Livingston [PDF - 114 KB], Director of Nursing and Infection Preventionist at Chemawa Indian Health Center/Western Oregon Service Unit in the Portland Area IHS.


December 2021

Read about December Nurse of the Month, Teressa Martinez, ARNP, RN [PDF - 83 KB], at the Wellpinit Service Unit from the Portland Area IHS.

November 2021

Read about November Nurse of the Month, Dorothea Begaye, RN [PDF - 84 KB], at the Tsaile Health Center from the Navajo Area IHS.

October 2021

Read about October Nurse of the Month, Melissa Hubbard, DNP [PDF - 112 KB], from the Billings Area IHS.

September 2021

Read about September Nurse of the Month, Dr. Diana DeLeon, PhD, MPH, RN [PDF - 99 KB], from the Kayenta Health Center in the Navajo Service Area.

August 2021

Read about August Nurse of the Month, Lieutenant Steven Owens, Nurse Educator [PDF - 77 KB], at the Whiteriver Indian Hospital.

July 2021

Read about July Nurse of the Month, Lori Haas, RN, MSN [PDF - 82 KB], Public Health Nurse (PHN) at Western Oregon Service Unit (WOSU).

June 2021

Read about June Nurse of the Month, LCDR Rachel Taylor [PDF - 162 KB], Risk Management Quality Assurance Officer at the Chemawa Indian Health Center.