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Tribal Management Grant Program

The intent of the grant program is to prepare Tribes and Tribal organizations for assuming all or part of exiting IHS programs, functions, services and activities, and further develop and improve their health management capabilities.

Approximately 16-18 awards will be issued to assist Tribes and Tribal organizations to establish goals and performance measures; assess current management capacity; analyze programs to determine if management is practicable; and develop infrastructure systems to manage or organize the programs, function, services and activities of the current health programs.

The Tribal Management Grant Program consists of four project types with funding amounts and project periods.

  • Feasibility Study: $70,000 (maximum funding) for 12 months
  • Planning: $50,000 (maximum funding) for 12 months
  • Evaluation Study: $50,000 (maximum funding) for 12 months
  • Health Management Structure: $100,000 (average funding) for 12 months; $300,000 (maximum funding) for 35 months

Note: The Funding Opportunity will be posted to the IHS and websites soon. Please watch for updates at: Division of Grants Management, Funding Opportunities.

For more information about Tribal Management Grant Program, contact the Office of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes or at 301-443-1104.