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Area Quality Managers (AQMs)

Area Quality Managers (AQM) members are effective IHS Area leaders and facilitators who assist in accomplishing the quality improvement strategies of the agency.

The AQM is comprised of Area office staff identified by the Area Director. Area staff selected generally include the Area Quality Improvement Leads and health care consultants.

AQM members will:

  • Engage staff on the front lines to enhance their capacity in QI science and knowledge.
  • Assist in the development of high-performing, innovative health care teams who are effective in transforming the quality of care across the agency.
  • Utilize their expertise in improving processes to support ongoing innovations in health care.
  • Disseminate proven best practices and models throughout the Indian health system.

AQMs serve as liaisons between the National IPC Team, the Areas and Indian health sites, in addition to providing support to sites at the local level.

Three female and a male medical staff

Current AQM Members

Location Name Phone Number
Alaska Adam Harris (907) 729-3986
Albuquerque Olinka Foster (505) 256-6730
Bemidji Jonathan Merrell (301) 215-1276
Billings Melissa Hubbard (406) 247-7121
Mobile: (406) 671-6774
California Susan Ducore (916) 930-3981 x 323
Mobile: (916) 952-1308
Great Plains Christine B. Gilliam (605) 226-7804
Mobile: (605) 891-1800
Personal Cell: (918) 457-8945
Nashville Max Boykin (615) 467-1628
Navajo Kimberlyn Tom (928) 871-5813
Mobile: (928) 955-6499
Oklahoma City Marjorie Rogers (405) 951-3819
Mobile: (405) 365-5688
Phoenix Dr. Vijay Kannan (602) 364-5342
Phoenix Margaret Brady (928) 332-2560
(602) 364-5181
Mobile: (602) 418-5568
Portland Dr. Ashley Tuomi (503) 414-5550
Tucson Vacant