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National CyberSecurity Awareness Month 2016

Week 1: Children Are Our Cyber Future! [PDF - 1.8MB]
Newsletter with tips to keep your kids safe online.

Week 2: Cybersecurity 101: Break Room to Board Room [PDF - 1.6MB]
Newsletter tracking a phishing attempt through Townsville Health Service Clinic from the break room all the way up to the board room.

Week 3: Captain Cybersecurity’s Tips to the Rescue [PDF - 1.6MB]
Newsletter with a comic strip that follow Captain Cybersecurity as he defeats cyber-criminals.

Week 4: The Internet of Things [PDF - 1.2B]
Newsletter with a comic strip and tips for dealing with an increasingly online world.

Week 5: Building Resilience at IHS [PDF - 833KB]
Poster detailing how physical security at a hospital impacts cybersecurity.

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