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National CyberSecurity Awareness Month 2017

Week 1: Social Media GO! [PDF - 2MB]
Newsletter with a comic strip about the new cellphone game that shows not everyone on social media is who they seems to be.

Week 2: The IHS Explainer [PDF - 1.1MB]
Newsletter in the style of a morning paper full of impoartant articles about preventing healthcare breaches.

Week 3: The Cyber-Future is NOW... But Wait, There’s More! [PDF - 840KB]
Newsletter about how to stay secure as science fiction becomes science fact.

Week 4: See Yourself Working in Cybersecurity [PDF - 1.1MB]
Posters plastered on a city wall tell you about cybersecurity career opportunities.

Week 5: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats [PDF - 1MB]
Newsletter with a Halloween-themed zombie comic about the dangers of ransomware.

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