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Father Knows Best (click any ad to continue)


You've undoubtedly seen clickbait ads that try to get you to visit a webpage by making outlandish claims about decreasing your debt, eliminating your body fat, or securing your dream job (money for free!). In fact, you probably stumble across one every day when you check your email, your social media account, or a favorite news outlet.

Remember your dad's wise advice: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Anyone who has the secret ingredient for love, success, or agelessness would be a millionaire already... and the world would already know about it. Similarly, anyone selling designer shoes at rock-bottom prices is also probably selling you a sham.

Ads such as these promote dubious products at best, but can also be conduits for IT trauma or tragedy. Be cautious about clicking unless you don't mind being haunted by endless, bandwidth-choking ads. And be sure to investigate user reviews for such sites before purchasing from them. A quick Google search will lead you to websites that specialize in user reviews for e-commerce sites. And be extremely wary of providing personal or financial information to sites promising you a golden ticket for anything.

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