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See Yourself in Cyber

Baby with a listening device in the crib.In today’s world, we are surrounded by electronic technology from the time we are born and throughout our lives. The convenience that these electronics provide is easy to take for granted. It’s also easy to overlook the risks to your privacy that they pose, but those risks include:

  • Having your data locked and held for ransom.
  • Having your health information stolen and used to submit fraudulent claims or accessing medical care, including prescription drugs, using your insurance.
  • Having your financial information stolen and used to empty your bank account, apply for credit cards, or apply for loans, all in your name.
Cute monster.Any of these things can make your life a nightmare and may take years to recover from, if you can at all, but you play a critical part in protecting your personal information and minimizing these risks.

Click on each key action below to view a brief overview of steps you can take to safeguard your information at home and at work.