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Web Ready Guidelines


  • No draft content. All content needs to be final and vetted through all approval channels before it is submitted.
  • Titles on web pages must be text.


  • All internal (IHS) or external web links require descriptive text for the link. Links should not use the URL as the descriptive text.
  • External links are only allowed for .gov, .mil, and relevant .org websites. Any .com links must be vetted through the Web Services Manager.


  • Background images are not allowed.
  • Images for bullets are not allowed.
  • Send all images as individual files and name them appropriately.
  • All images need to be copyright free or have the proper usage credentials on file.
    • All image files require alternative text to describe the image.
    • Groups of people images are allowed. This requires a photo release for all people in the photo and you must provide the names of everyone in the photo.
  • Do not use individual personnel photos.


  • IHS web sites follow an approved navigation structure.
  • Always place the Web page title at the top of the content document.


  • All document files must be Section 508 compliant.
  • Send documents as individual files (not zipped).