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Patient Registration and Benefits Coordination

Presentations from the March 12–14, 2024 Training

The Patient Registration package (A G) is an R P M S application that enables users to store patient-specific data and demographics. Allows users to register new patients, update existing patients, and enter insurance information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the information (location of home) previously on page 9 transfer to Page 1?
Yes, we did not change files--the same information should show up.

Will the entire locational address information on page 1 print on the face sheet?
Not yet, we will have to fix the face sheet in order to do this. The info that will print on the face sheet in Version 7.0 does not change

Will we have as much free text access as previously on page 9?
Yes, the way you enter information does not change. The field is free text and allows you to add as much information as possible.

Were we going to have a drop down menu on this feature?
Not that I am aware of. The Patient Registration workgroup (T A G) can evaluate this request and consider it for the next version.

What will happen to the information previously on Page 11? Will we lose it all?
The information will remain the same. Again, we did not create new files that store this information, the same files exist with the same information. You should not lose any data.

Can this information be transferred to Page 8?
Are you talking about page 8 in registration Version 7.0? If so, the information will be there. Data currently on Page 11 will move to Page 8.

We do not want to lose all our data on Page 11. Will page 8 have as much free text access as Page 11 did?
Yes, we did not limit the amount of information you put on this page.

"Where does the current page 11 information go once the new Patient Reg, package is out?"
On page 8. Page 11 was just renamed to page 8.