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Advanced Clinical Application Coordinator

EHR Advanced CAC School

This advanced course assumes that participants are Intermediate to Advanced RPMS Users and have experience with RPMS Packages to include (a) Patient Registration (b) Scheduling (c) Pharmacy, (d) Laboratory, (e) Radiology, (f) Patient Tracking (g) Diabetes Management System, (h) Immunization, (i) Women's Health, (j) Clinical Reporting System, (k) Q-Man, and (l) PCC Management Reports.

The purpose of this hands-on class is to provide a review of the RPMS packages and preparation required for EHR implementation. Included in this course, participants are provided with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fully utilize the EHR and instruct other clinicians in its use and offer participants the tools necessary for setting up the EHR.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Review Resource Patient Management System Electronic Health Record (RPMS EHR)
  • Discuss Meaningful Use
  • Review FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site: patch notes, national templates, manuals, etc.
  • Review RPMS Package Optimization
  • Examine the EHR framework
  • Define the expectations, roles and responsibilities of the (a) "Clinical Application Coordinator" (CAC), (b) EHR "Super User", (c) Site Manager, (d) RPMS Informaticist, (e) Meaningful Use Coordinator and (f) other EHR Implementation Team Members.
  • Review and Troubleshoot: Notifications, Allergies, Vital Signs, Progress Notes, Exams, Health Factors, Patient Education, Immunizations, Consult, Problem List, Historical Services, Family History, Parameters, Printing, Postings
  • Review and troubleshoot pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology
    • Order Entry
    • Order Menus
    • Quick Orders
    • Order Checks
  • Set up a "User" and "User" management
  • Set up a CAC with keys and menu management
  • Analyze Person Class and NPI
  • Create advanced Text Integration Utility (TIU) templates and create TIU data objects and Health Summary data objects
  • Utilize Quick Notes
  • Use Advanced Design Mode
  • Demonstrate Fileman - inquire and search
  • Demonstrate vcManager/Tracelog
  • Review and troubleshoot Taskman
  • Use Generic Orders
  • Discuss Flow Sheets