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Clinical Application Coordinator

EHR CAC & Implementation Team (EHR Essential Skills for CACs)

Implementation of an electronic medical record at any health care organization is a complex and lengthy process, requiring preparation and changes in essentially all areas of a medical facility. Rolling out an electronic record system at any facility will require a considerable training effort at the time of implementation, as well as an ongoing program of training and support.

The Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) and members of the RPMS-EHR implementation team provide ongoing operational support for certain RPMS packages that comprise and/or interface with the Electronic Health Record. This training will provide CACs, Pharmacists, Site Managers and other Implementation Team members with basic skills for setting up and implementing the RPMS-EHR at their facility.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Provide an overview of the Resource Patient Management System Electronic Health Record (RPMS EHR)
  • Review RPMS Package Optimization
  • Examine the EHR framework
  • Define the expectations, roles and responsibilities of the (a) "Clinical Application Coordinator" (CAC), (b) EHR "Super User", (c) Site Manager, (d) RPMS Informaticist and (e) other EHR Implementation Team Members.
  • Delineate effective project management processes and techniques essential for EHR implementation and success.
  • Navigate throughout EHR tabs
  • Process "Notifications"
  • Create or select a "Visit"
  • Review "Cover Sheet" Information
  • Enter "Allergies" and "Vital Signs"
  • Enter and correct "Progress Notes"
  • Document "Exams", "Health Factors", "Patient Education", and "Immunizations"
  • Enter "Consult" requests
  • Complete a "Consult"
  • Perform pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology "Order Entry"
  • Assign a "Purpose of Visit"
  • Update the "Problem List"
  • Document "Historical Services"
  • Summarize basic EHR setup
  • Set up a "User"
  • Turn specific "Notifications" on or off
  • Set, enable and disable "Order Checks"
  • Enter and edit "Order Menus" and "Quick Orders"
  • Set up basic document "Parameters"
  • Create, edit, finish, and import a Text Integration Utility (TIU) "Template" and create TIU data objects
  • Set up a "Consult" service
  • Set up keys and parameters needed to enter Patient Care Component (PCC) data to include making a superbill and create an ICD-9 pick-list and patient education
  • Utilize Associations
  • Review Design Mode
  • Create a VA Health Summary