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Community Health Aides and Practitioners

EHR for Community Health Aide / Community Health Practitioner (CHA/P) Training

This hands-on class provides an overview of the Indian Health Service Community Health Aide/ Community Health Practitioner (CHA/P) Electronic Health Record (CHA/P-EHR) and its utilization in providing comprehensive patient care. Documentation of patient care is consistent with use of the Alaska Community Health Aide/Practitioner Manual.

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Navigate through the tabs of the CHA/P Electronic Health Record
  • Select a Patient
  • Create a Visit
  • Utilize the Review tab
  • Key in Chief Complaint and HPI
  • Review Past Health History
  • Record Adverse Reactions and Health Factors
  • Enter Immunizations
  • Create, Edit, and Finish a Progress Note
  • Input Vital Signs
  • Document a Physical Exam
  • Complete Assessment
  • Perform medications and lab test orders
  • Enter Patient Education
  • View Procedures, Consults, Reports, Meds, and Lab tabs
  • Process Notifications
  • Demonstrate use of the CHA/P Electronic Health Record