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EHR Laboratory Package for Small Sites without a Laboratory Professional

This hands-on class provides a basic overview of the RPMS-LIS and preparation required for processing Laboratory Tests. Participants are provided with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use the RPMS-LIS in its use and offer participants the tools necessary for processing and reporting Laboratory Tests.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the role of the Laboratory Information System (LIS) Suite in the big picture of Electronic Health Management.
  • Delineate the role and responsibilities of the LIS Manager in a small Laboratory without an MT or MLT.
  • Define the LIS workflow and its interactions with other RPMS modules.
  • Summarize basic Laboratory terminology.
  • Recognize the importance of CLIA, Joint Commission, and other regulations as they relate to Laboratory Policies and Procedures.
  • Perform basic RPMS tasks.
  • Describe the Anatomy of a Laboratory test.
  • Order Laboratory Tests.
  • Accession Laboratory Tests.
  • Track Laboratory Tests.
  • Result Laboratory Tests.
  • Examine and use the Point of Care Button (POC).
  • Describe the Reference LIS Interface.
  • Generate Patient LIS Reports.
  • Populate test taxonomies required for proper data collection in iCare, Diabetes Management System, and GPRA reporting.