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Inpatient Pharmacy Informaticist

EHR for Inpatient Pharmacy Informaticist

Pharmacy informatics is the scientific field that focuses on medication-related data and knowledge within the continuum of healthcare systems - including its acquisition, storage, analysis, use and dissemination - in the delivery of optimal medication-related patient care and health outcomes (HIMSS October 2006). The pharmacy informaticist focuses on application of technology and pharmaceutical care in (a) supporting, (b) streamlining, (c) improving interactions between people and their workflow, and (d) increasing patient safety with best practices and reliable systems.

This course is for Indian Health Care System Pharmacy Informaticists directly involved with the implementation and maintenance of the RPMS Inpatient Pharmacy Suite of Applications and RPMS EHR within the inpatient setting.

At the end of this intensive training, participants should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of RPMS Version 5.0 Inpatient Pharmacy Package
  • Utilize Pharmacy Data Management (PDM) to maintain (a) drug files, (b) drug names, (c) routes, (d) schedules, (e) dosages, (f) drug names, (g) patient instructions, (h) orderable items, (i) synonyms, (j) NDF matching, (k) nouns, and (j) verbs.
  • Generate RPMS Inpatient Pharmacy management reports
  • Identify necessary and most recent pharmacy application patches needed for optimization
  • Delineate "best practices" for (a) integrating technology and pharmaceutical care, (b) improving interactions between technology, people, and workflow, and (c) increasing patient safety.
  • Integrate the Inpatient Pharmacy Package with the RPMS EHR within the Inpatient setting.
  • Manage large volume IVs, non-medications, and "fields" not used within the pharmacy package.
  • Optimize the Adverse Reaction Tracking Package within the Inpatient setting.
  • Implement the Computer Generated MAR to include (a) printing, (b) appearance, (c) device and terminal type, (d) setups, (e) labels, and (f) training.
  • Configure CPRS and OE/RR to include (a) standard nomenclature, (b) quick orders, (c) order sets, and (d) order menus
  • Finish and separate medication orders
  • Maintain (a) Insulin Sliding Scale, (b) TPN, (d) Additives
  • Review utilization of BCMA and its relationship to both Inpatient Pharmacy Package and EHR
  • Obtain troubleshooting skills
  • Review the intent of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and use of high technology in the Inpatient Pharmacy Package.