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Zuni Comprehensive Health Center

Zuni Comprehensive Health Center


P.O. Box 467
Zuni, New Mexico 87327


Route 301 North 21 B. Avenue
Zuni, New Mexico 87327
Phone: 505-782-4431

Hours of Operation:

Emergency Room/Urgent Care and Inpatient Services open 24 hours, 7 days per week.
8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday for Ambulatory Care and Support Programs, including Administration


CEO: Jean Othole
Phone: 505-782-7304

Clinical Director: Thomas Faber, MD

Administrative Officer: Clyde Yatsattie

Who should I call?

  • General information: 505-782-7533 or 7300
  • Questions about Patient Referred Care: 505-782-7346, 7347 or 7348
  • Questions about prescriptions/medications: 505-782-7518 or the Auto-Refill Line: 505-782-7595
  • Compliments or complaints: 505-782-7533 or 7300
  • Employment opportunities: 505-782-7515 or 7516

Questions about appointments:

Appointments are scheduled with a Provider Team. The teams are grouped by color. If you know your team color, please call the following number to schedule an appointment. You may also call 505-782-4431 and ask to be transferred to Health Records and you will be assisted accordingly.

Yellow Team: 505-782-7433
Orange Team: 505-782-7435
Red Team: 505-782-7445
Blue Team: 505-782-7446
Green Team: 505-782-7447


The Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center offers/provides a wide variety of inpatient, outpatient and community health services.

General Medical Services:
Emergency Room Services (24 hours/7 days)
Inpatient General Medical Service (Adult/Pediatrics)
Obstetrics - Labor and Delivery
Outpatient Services
Laboratory Services
Radiology Services includes CT Scan and Mammography
Mental Health
Tele-Renal Case Management
Anti-Coagulation Clinic

Preventative Health Services:
Well Baby Clinic
Women's Health
Dental Health
Public Health Nursing
Diabetes (Screening & Certified Diabetes Education)
Physical Therapy
Nutrition (Diabetes/Community)
Integrated Medicine & Acupuncture

Community Services:
Public Health Nursing
Palliative Care