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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Health Program Profile

Friendship House Association of American Indians (San Francisco)

56 Julian Ave.
San Francisco CA 94103 - 3547 (Map) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving

Phone(s) 415-865-0964
Fax 415-865-5428

Director Helen Waukazoo
Site Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving


Statewide GPRA Performance (pdf - 5MB) BIG FILE. May take a while to load.

Admission Information:

San Francisco Residential or Oakland Lodge Programs
Hours: Friday 9am - 4pm
Phone: 415-865-0964

Sacramento Intake/Outreach Program
Hours: Leave message on voicemail
Phone: 916-341-0575

Arizona Intake/Outreach Program
Hours: 24 hours (If no answer, leave message on voicemail)
Phone: 505-870-6098

Residential Treatment for Men and Women

80 Julian Avenue
San Francisco CA 94103 (Map) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving

Phone(s) 415-865-0964

  • An 80-bed facility for adult men and women.
  • Individual & group counseling, alcohol and drug education, 12-step programs
  • and American Indian Traditions are integrated into treatment 

The Friendship House American Indian Lodge

1815 39th Avenue
Oakland CA 94601 (Map) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving

Phone(s) 415-865-0964

  • A residential program for women with their children birth to age 5.
  • Provides a healthy and secure environment for the children of residents.
  • Primary care of children is the responsibility of their mothers, which serves to establish family bonding and positive parental connection for both mother and child.