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Office of the Area Director (OAD)

(916) 930-3927

or (916) 930-3981 + Extension

or (916) 930-3981 + 411 for directory by last name


The Office of the Area Director provides overall direction and leadership by encouraging maximum participation by California area tribes in establishing the goals and objectives for the California Area Indian Health Service. This office coordinates activities, resources, pertinent health policy and program management issues, both internal and external, with other federal, state, local and privately funded health care programs.

  • Area administrative decision and program direction
  • Area media and public affairs
  • Area medical leadership and clinical advisory
  • Area medical recruitment and retention advisory
  • Area supervision / liaison for Public Health Service (PHS) commissioned officers assigned to tribal healthcare programs under memorandum of (MOA)
  • Area Veterans Health Administration advisory


  • Area Youth Regional Treatment Center (YRTC) Task Force coordinator
  • Congressional inquiries
  • Development and implementation of health policy and initiatives
  • Healthcare quality, accreditation and compliance
  • Tribal consultation