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Office of the Area Director (OAD)

The Office of the Area Director provides overall direction and leadership by encouraging maximum participation by California area tribes in establishing the goals and objectives for the California Area Indian Health Service. This office coordinates activities, resources, pertinent health policy and program management issues, both internal and external, with other federal, state, local and privately funded health care programs.

Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Information on RPMS support, security and miscellaneous IT resources.

Office of Management Support (OMS)

The Office of Management Support provides advice to the Area Director and functional area managers on administrative and management policy and procedures requirements.

Office of Public Health (OPH)
Office of Public Health (OPH)

The Office of Public Health ensures that high quality health services are available for Indian people in California.

January 29, 2021
Office of Environmental Health & Engineering (OEHE)

The OEHE is dedicated to improving the health of California Indians through the provision of quality environmental health and engineering services.