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Office of Management Support (OMS)


Nikolajs Berzins, Associate Director

Financial Management Officer (FMO), Office: (916) 930-3981 x363, Cell: (916) 203-2229


(916) 930-3927

or (916) 930-3981 + Extension

or (916) 930-3981 + 4 for directory of personnel by first or last name


The Office of Management Support provides advice to the Area Director and functional area managers on administrative and management policy and procedural requirements. This office provides support in the areas of Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA) Negotiation/Tribal Liaison, ethics, human resources, financial management, acquisition management, property management, and general administrative services.

•    Acquisitions management
•    Accounts payable
•    Accounts reconciliation
•    Administrative/management policy
•    Background Investigation
•    Budget formulation and execution
•    Contract support costs analysis
•    Employee Benefits
•    Employee Development
•    Employee Relations
•    Ethics coordinator
•    Financial management
•    GSA vehicle management
•    HSPD-12 Program
•    Indian Self-Determination Act, Title I
•    Invitation for Bid/Request for Proposal/Request for Quote
•    Negotiated contracts and small purchases management

•    Payroll Management
•    Policy Coordinator
•    Position Classification
•    Position Management
•    Property management
•    Purchase card program
•    Recruitment and Placement
•    Self-governance
•    Time and Attendance
•    Tribal Liaison
•    Urban Indian contracts
•    Personnel security and suitability
•    Recruiter
•    Scholarship program
•    Training Officer
•    Travel management
•    YRTC Business Office Management


ACRONYMS Used on this page:

GSA - General Services Agency

HSPD-12 - Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

ISDEAA - Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act

YRTC - Youth Regional Treatment Center