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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 5, 2017
Opening Remarks (PDF)

Agenda Overview; California Representatives to National IHS Boards/Committees/Workgroups; Budget Transparency; Allocation of Budget FY Ending September 30, 2016; Allocation of Expenditures FY Ending September 30, 2016; Summary of Funding - YRTCs; Division of Health Facilities Engineering - Tribal; Division of Health Facilities Engineering - Federal (YRTC); Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction; Division of Environmental Health Services; Full Time Equivalents (FTE); Current Full Time Equivalents (FTEs); California Area Profile; GPRA Update; List of Conferences and Dates for FY 2017; CA IHS Website Portals; Activities Related to the YRTCs;

By Miller
April 5, 2017
YRTC Recruiting - Update (PDF)

Recruitment Process; 41 Jobs filled; Active & Future Recruits; Background Investigation Issue

By Smith
April 5, 2017
Desert Sage Youth Wellness Center - Update (PDF)

Services to be provided; Education; Update & Intake Process; Aftercare Evaluation; Screening/Identification Process; 2016 New GPRA Measures; Ongoing Evaluation; Aftercare Placements; Training Schedule; Challenges; Contact Information;

By Espinosa
April 5, 2017
North & South YRTC - Construction Updates (PDF)

HEMET: Service Contracts; Remaining Construction Items

DAVIS: Design/Build Contract; Preconstruction Activities; Local Correspondence

By LCDR Deckert
April 5, 2017
Indian Gaming in California (PDF)

History of Indian Gaming and DEHS (Department of Environmental Health Services) Staffing; Challenges; Short-term solutions; Seeking tribal guidance on Indian gaming inspections in CA

By Fluette & Garcia
April 5, 2017
1115 - Waiver - IHS Program Organized Delivery System (PDF)

History of funding substance use disorder services; State Plan Overview; Opportunities for IHS-funded programs; Challenges in an Organized Delivery System (ODS) for Indian Country; Collaboration; Requirements to administer; Staffing requirements; Who should administer?; CMS Contractor recommendations; Timeframe

By Sprenger
April 5, 2017

CA Department of Health Care Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Opioid Grant

SAMHSA Grant; Collaborative Effort; Focus Population; Methadone Treatment (MAT) Expansion Project; MAT Expansion Project Goals; Indian Health Services Program (IHSP) MAT Project; Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda; Other Grant Opportunities; Projected Timeline; Contact Information

By Perez