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GPRA+ FY03 (version 2.0)

GPRA FY03 version 2.0 software was released for IHS national deployment on June 5, 2003. Version 2.1, containing the remaining 11 developmental indicators will be tested and deployed in August 2003.

GPRA+ FY03 contains 17 GPRA and 17 developmental indicators. See the GPRA+ FY03 Indicator List below for indicator descriptions. Additional enhancements from the FY02 version include:

  • separate reports for local use, for GPRA reporting, and for Area Annual Performance reporting;
  • two distinct denominators: GPRA User Population and Active Clinical
  • patient lists by provider
  • random patient lists
  • optional printing to "delimited" format for importing into Excel or Word for user manipulation
  • Web-based display via Executive Information Support System (EISS)