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CRS 2006 (versions 6.0 and 6.1)


Version 6.1 was released for national deployment on June 26, 2006.

Key enhancements included in CRS Version 6.1 are shown below.

  • Key changes to GPRA measures:
    • Diabetes: Nephropathy Screening: Include patients with any diagnosis ever of ESRD in numerator.
    • Childhood Immunizations: Change denominator from Active Clinical to Active IMM Pkg patients. This means a site must be using the Immunization Package to meet this measure.
    • Colorectal Cancer Screening: Add exclusions for patients with total colectomy and revise timeframe for FOB test from past 2 years to past year.
    • Change to GPRA 06 targets, as shown below.
      Measure New Target FY05 Nat'l Rate Previous Target
      DM: Ideal Glycemic Control 32.0% 30.0% Maintain
      DM: LDL Assessed 56.0% 53.0% Increase
      DM: Nephropathy Assessment 50.0% 47.0% Maintain
      FAS Prevention (Alcohol Screen) 12.0% 11.0% Increase
      IPV/DV Screen 14.0% 13.0% Increase
      CVD Cholesterol Screen 44.0% 43.0% Increase
      Prenatal HIV Testing 55.0% 54.0% Increase
  • Revise HEDIS-based measures to reflect HEDIS 2006 logic, including Diabetes Comprehensive Care, Diabetes: Nephropathy Assessment, Diabetic Retinopathy, Pap Smear, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Beta-Blocker and Persistence of Beta-Blocker Treatment after a Heart Attack, Cholesterol Management after Acute CVD Event, Chlamydia Testing, and Osteoporosis Management.
  • Add 6 new performance measures to the CRS local reports:
    • Adolescent Immunizations*
    • Appropriate Treatment for Children with Upper Respiratory Infection*
    • Appropriate Testing for Children with Pharyngitis*
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Monitoring
    • Osteoarthritis Medication Monitoring
    • Asthma and Inhaled Steroid Use
    *HEDIS-based measure, also included in the CRS HEDIS report.
  • Revise refusals for IPV/DV Screening, FAS Prevention, and Depression Screening so the performance rate is calculated the same across all applicable measures.
  • Revise existing 10 CMS performance measures to reflect changes made by HQA.
  • Add 7 new hospital measures to the existing CMS report:
    • AMI
      • Thrombolytic agent received within 30 minutes of arrival
      • PCI received within 120 minutes of arrival
      • Adult smoking cessation advice/counseling
    • Heart Failure
      • Discharge instructions
      • Adult smoking cessation advice/counseling
    • Pneumonia
      • Blood culture performed before first antibiotic received in hospital
      • Adult smoking cessation advice/counseling
  • Add new MFI site parameter for sites within the Alaska Area.
  • Add new option for creating a search template from the National GPRA patient lists.


Version 6.0 was released for national deployment on November 23, 2005. Key enhancements for this version are listed below.

  • Colorectal Cancer Screening, Depression Screening, Childhood Weight Control, and Tobacco Cessation changed to GPRA measures.
  • Diabetes: Access to Dental Services, Public Health Nursing, Tobacco Use and Assessment, and Obesity Assessment changed to non-GPRA measures.
  • Revisions to several existing measures, including Tobacco Cessation, Depression Screening (renamed and removed the Anxiety component); Childhood Immunizations, and Alcohol Screening (FAS Prevention).
  • 3 new measures
    • Antidepressant Medication Management (also included in HEDIS report)
    • Prediabetes/Metabolic Syndrome
    • Osteoporosis Screening in Women
  • New Comprehensive GPRA Patient List that will list patients included in GPRA measures and lists which measures they did not meet.
  • New site parameter for CHS-only sites
  • New site-defined lab taxonomy report
  • New childhood height and weight data file (GPRA developmental)