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CRS 2007 (version 7.0)


Version 7.0 was released nationally on February 5, 2007.

Key enhancements included in CRS Version 7.0 are shown below.

  • Change GPRA measure from CVD and Cholesterol Screening to Comprehensive CVD-Related Assessment (patients with BP, LDL, and tobacco use assessed, BMI, and lifestyle counseling).
  • Revise the Diabetes: Nephropathy Assessment measure to require patients to have both an estimated GFR AND a quantitative urinary protein assessment during the Report period OR have evidence of diagnosis and/or treatment of ESRD at any time before the end of the Report period.
  • Add 7 new performance measure topics to the CRS local reports:
    • Breastfeeding Rates (also included in the National GPRA report)
    • Drugs to be Avoided in the Elderly (also included in the HEDIS and Elder Care reports)
    • Functional Status (also included in the Elder Care report)
    • Fall Risk Assessment in Elders (also included in the HEDIS report)
    • Appropriate Medication Therapy after a Heart Attack
    • Persistence of Appropriate Medication Therapy after a Heart Attack
    • Appropriate Medication Therapy in High Risk Patients
  • New Comprehensive National GPRA Export option that includes performance measure data for patients included in the National GPRA report during the timeframe of baseline period through the end of the GPRA report period (for 2007: July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2007). An Area option will combine all of the facilities' data within the Area into one or multiple files. This data will be used primarily for analysis of geographic variation in quality within the IHS and to see how it compares to geographic variation in quality within the Medicare program. However, it will not be identifying individual communities. GPRA reporting sites will run this option at the same time they run their quarterly National GPRA reports.
  • New Patient Education report that includes the measure topics listed below.
    • Rate of User Population Patients Receiving Patient Education
    • Rate of Time by Provider Discipline
    • Rate for Top 25 Diagnoses with Education
    • Rate for Top 25 Education Topics
    • Rate for Top 15 Provider Disciplines Who Educated
    • Rate of Patient Understanding of Education
  • Add new Export Height/Weight Data site parameter. If a facility selects "N" for this site parameter, the facility's height and weight data will not be exported to the Area Office. The default will be "Y."
  • Add logic to the local facility's Height/Weight export file to count the records. If there are more than 65,536 records, the file will be split into multiple files. This will enable the files to be opened in Excel without truncation of data.
  • Other key logic changes:
    • Mammogram Rates will add Active Clinical Female 40+ and User Population 40+ denominators.
    • Add refusals to Dental Sealants and Topical Fluoride topic.
    • Make several changes to the Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Monitoring topics.