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Building Partnerships for BH Access

Key Considerations

Partnering with providers and systems outside of the Indian health system is critical to increase access to behavioral health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Tribes may want to consider engaging in conversations with potential partners that cover the well-being, rights, and interests of tribal communities. One resource that may be helpful in guiding those conversations with non-IHS and non-tribal partners is the Building Partnerships: Key Considerations When Engaging Underserved Communities [PDF - 548 KB] Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  resource from the UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities.

Partners in Behavioral Health

Knowing who to contact outside of the Indian health system is important in building partnerships in behavioral health. SAMHSA Regional Administrators and other State-based agencies provide resources on publicly funded behavioral health services. A resource document [PDF - 769 KB] has been compiled and organized by each State with points of contact for behavioral health services.

Cultural Awareness

Tribes may want to consider providing cultural information and/or training about their communities to non-IHS and non-tribal partners as a co-learning opportunity.

Access and Revenue Resources

Telebehavioral Health Resources