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Programs and Initiatives

Alzheimer's Grant Program

The Alzheimer's Grant Program focuses on helping to increase awareness and recognition of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia at Tribal, IHS, and Urban Indian Health programs and improve care and services for those living with dementia and for their caregivers.

Community Health Representative (CHR)

The Community Health Representative (CHR) program is a unique concept for providing health care, health promotion, and disease prevention services.

Elder Care Initiative

The Elder Care Initiative helps to support the emotional and spiritual well-being of elder American Indian and Alaska Native people.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a system that focuses on treating illnesses and injuries that require an urgent medical response. EMS is an intricate system, and each component of this system has an essential role to perform as part of a coordinated and seamless system of emergency medical care.

A little girl getting a checkup.

Health Education

The Health Education program aims to educate American Indian and Alaska Native patients, school age children, and communities to empower them to becoming active participants in the improvement of their health status.

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

The Health Promotion/Disease Prevention focuses on improving health by enhancing preventive efforts at local, regional, and national levels.

Healthy Weight for Life

Healthy Weight for Life promotes healthy weight at all stages of life is critical to improving our health and well-being across the lifespan in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Hepatitis C

The focus of the Hepatitis C program is to eliminate new viral hepatitis infections, increase knowledge of hepatitis diagnoses, improve access to high quality health care and curative treatments, and eliminate stigma and discrimination.


The HIV/AIDS program works to prevent new HIV infections and ensure access to quality health services for American Indians and Alaska Natives living with HIV/AIDS.


The Pharmacy program serves as an integral part of a comprehensive community based health care delivery system. Pharmacy services are patient centered and directed toward optimal patient care outcomes, health promotion, and disease prevention. The principal purpose of the pharmacy service is to ensure efficacious, safe, and cost effective medication therapy with appropriate outcomes.