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Job Title: Dentist
Facility: Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility
City, State: (24-HPSA Score) Chinle, AZ
Positions Available: 2
Date Available: now
Category: DDS
Career Path: Commissioned Officer or Civil Service
Grade: O3 or O4
Requirements: For Commissioned Officer:
Grade Experience
O3 0 years
O4 4 years
O5 9 years
O6 16 years
For Civil Service: Use the years of experience for Commissioned Officer as a guide. Most General Dentists are hired in GS 11 and GS 12 Civil Service Grades. GS 12 Grades require more responsibility. Most specialists are hired in GS 13 Grades.
Primary Job Contact: Dr. Benjamin Glick
Click to Send Email Must be proficient in minor oral surgery & basic restorative (amalg. & comp.) and be able and comfortable to work on pediatric dental patients
Notes: Please copy and paste the following link to apply for this position:
IHS Area: Navajo
Area Contact: Heidi Arnholm
Area Contact Phone: 928-380-6094
Area Contact Email:
Area Notes: Area Contact Heidi Arnholm at (928) 380-6094. A valid dental license in any US State is required for any Federal hire position in the Navajo Area. Most Tribal Hire positions require licensure in that State. Tuba City accepts valid licensure in any US State.
Affiliation: IHS

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