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Opportunities for Students

Life-changing Programs for Students and Career Professionals

The Indian Health Service provides financial and experiential opportunities to make a career in dental health care a reality. Students and health profession graduates can benefit from loan repayment programs and the IHS Scholarship Program to alleviate the financial burden of pursuing their training. Current dental school students can also take advantage of the IHS Dental Externship Program to gain hands-on training and be mentored by experienced professionals.

IHS Dental Externship Program

Third-year dental students gain experience firsthand while exploring a career in Indian health dentistry.

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IHS Scholarship Program

Eligible American Indian and Alaska Native students can benefit from full-tuition scholarships to complete their pre-dentistry or dentistry training.

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Loan Repayment Programs

Dental health professionals are eligible to reduce their student loan debt in exchange for a two-year service commitment with IHS.

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IHS Dental Externship program

Apply for the IHS Dental Externship Program

The IHS Dental Externship offers third-year dental students a rewarding opportunity to gain experience working alongside IHS dental teams while practicing their skill and applying their knowledge.

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