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Job Title: Dentist, Full time
Facility: SEARHC Oceanside Dental
City, State: Petersburg, AK
Positions Available: 1
Date Available: now
Category: DDS
Career Path: Tribal Hire
Requirements: For Tribal Hire: License in the State of assignment may be required. The pay and benefits are offered directly to you by the Tribe or Urban program.
Primary Job Contact: Matthew West, DMD
Director of Dental Services, SEARHC
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Notes: Living and working in Alaska is an amazing adventure! Many visit Alaska, but few people can say they have lived here.
Direct patient care in Petersburg, AK as part of our network.
IHS Area: Alaska
Area Contact: Dr. George Bird
Area Contact Phone: 907-452-8251 x3081
Area Contact Email:
Area Notes: Area Contact CAPT George Bird.
Under Federal Law, Individual Tribal Programs may choose to hire providers with a dental license in good standing from any of the US states to practice in the Alaska Area.
Affiliation: Tribal

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