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Low Blood Sugar

Low Blood Sugar

Know the Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar.

Low blood sugar can be a problem. You may feel one or more of the symptoms below when your blood sugar is getting low. Some people may not feel any symptoms.




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A low blood sugar is 70 or less. You may feel symptoms at, or near, 70.
Confused, Dizzy, Anxious, Sweaty, Shaky, Headache, Blurry Vision, Grumpy, Fast Heartbeat, Hungry

What To Do If You Have Low Blood Sugar Symptoms.

If you have your meter nearby, check your blood sugar. It is okay if you cannot check. It is more important to treat your symptoms right away.

Step 1: Treat low blood sugar. Choose one sugary food or drink, such as: half a glass of real fruit juice (not sugar free), half a can of soda pop (not sugar free), 4 to 5 pieces of hard candy (not chocolate), 3 teaspoons or packets of real sugar, jelly or honey.
Step 2: Wait 15 minutes. If you are able, check your blood sugar to see if it is above 70. Step 3: If you continue to have symptoms, or if your blood sugar is less than 70, repeat step 1. Step 4: When the symptoms are gone, eat a meal or snack to keep your symptoms from returning.

Talk to Your Health Care Provider.

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Let your health care provider know if you are having symptoms of low blood sugar. You may need a change in your medicine.

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