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Statistics and Reports

Nurse and mother holding her child.

The National Immunization Program monitors and reports immunization coverage among IHS American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) patient populations through various tracking and reporting systems. Statistical data and reports are compiled either quarterly, annually or seasonally and for various patient and target populations (e.g., early childhood, adolescents, adults and health care workers).

For additional past reports, please visit the Archive page.

Vaccine Coverage Reports

National Immunization Reporting System (NIRS)

The National Immunization Reporting System (NIRS) is a web-based reporting tool used to collect quarterly immunization data from IHS/Tribal/Urban health facilities throughout the Indian health system. NIRS was developed in partnership with the IHS Public Health Nursing Program to improve the quality and timeliness of immunization coverage data. Please see our Resources for Providers page for NIRS training materials.

Visit the National Immunization Reporting System for more information.

Seasonal Influenza Coverage Reports

Data Source: National Immunization Reporting System (NIRS) & Influenza-like Illness Awareness System (IIAS)

For more information on the Influenza-like Illness Awareness System and reports, please visit Health Survillence.

Quarterly Immunization Coverage Reports

Data Source: National Immunization Reporting System (NIRS)

The Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban Indian immunization programs report on the immunization status of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children 3–27 months of age, 19–35 months of age and adolescents 13–17 years and adults. They also report on influenza vaccine coverage for all age groups. These reports are posted on a quarterly basis and the immunization data within the reports could vary due to delayed data entry performed after the reports are posted. For the most up-to-date and accurate immunization data, please access the Reports section in the National Reporting System (NIRS).

FY22 1st Quarter [PDF - 795 KB] FY22 2nd Quarter [PDF - 404 KB] FY22 3rd Quarter [PDF - 410 KB]
FY21 1st Quarter [PDF - 397 KB] FY21 2nd Quarter [PDF - 423 KB] FY21 3rd Quarter [PDF - 396 KB] FY21 4th Quarter [PDF - 363 KB]
FY20 1st Quarter [PDF - 516 KB] FY20 2nd Quarter [PDF - 388 KB] FY20 3rd Quarter [PDF - 396 KB] FY20 4th Quarter [PDF - 392 KB]
FY19 1st & 2nd Quarter [PDF - 491 KB] FY19 3rd Quarter [PDF - 750 KB] FY19 4th Quarter [PDF - 486 KB]
FY18 1st Quarter [PDF - 819 KB] FY18 2nd Quarter [PDF - 2.3 MB] FY18 3rd Quarter [PDF - 1 MB] FY18 4th Quarter [PDF - 1.6 MB]
FY17 1st Quarter [PDF - 819 KB] FY17 2nd Quarter [PDF - 2.3 MB] FY17 3rd Quarter [PDF - 2.1 MB] FY17 4th Quarter [PDF - 1.3 MB]
FY16 1st Quarter [PDF - 819 KB] FY16 2nd Quarter [PDF - 688 KB] FY16 3rd Quarter [PDF - 658 KB] FY16 4th Quarter [PDF - 649 KB]
FY15 1st Quarter [PDF - 567 KB] FY15 2nd Quarter [PDF - 527 KB] FY15 3rd Quarter [PDF - 748 KB] FY15 4th Quarter [PDF - 451 KB]

For additional past reports, please visit the Archive page.

Non-Resources and Patient Management System (RPMS) Quarterly Reporting Forms. These quarterly reporting forms are for Tribal and Urban programs that do not use the RPMS to report their vaccine coverage to the immunization program.

FY24 Quarter 1 [XLSX - 39 KB]
FY24 Quarter 2 [XLSX - 42 KB]
FY24 Quarter 3 [XLSX - 33 KB]
FY24 Quarter 4 [XLSX - 32 KB]

National Immunization Performance Measures

Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

The IHS immunization program tracks four GPRA immunization performance measures annually. Two measures target children: annual influenza vaccination for children six months to 17 years and a combined (4:3:1:3:3:1:4) childhood series for children 19–35 months. Two adult vaccination measures are also included: annual influenza vaccination for adults 18 years and older and an adult immunization, age-appropriate “composite” or combination measure for adults 18 years and older, which tracks age-appropriate combinations of Tdap/Td, Zoster and pneumococcal vaccines.