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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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AIDS Awareness

HIV/AIDS affects everyone. Education on prevention and testing is important. Know how to prevent HIV infections. And for those with HIV, learn more about what to do next and how to stay healthy while living with HIV.


Spend Time with Family, Not the Flu!

The flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu and serious flu complications, like pneumonia. Everyone six months and older should get a flu shot, to protect themselves and those around them. Protect yourself, your family and your community.


Quality Health Care at IHS

IHS announced the 2016-17 Quality Framework outlining how IHS will develop, implement, and sustain an effective quality program that improves patient experience and outcomes. This is part of ongoing efforts to ensure the delivery of reliable, high quality health care at IHS federal-government-operated, direct service facilities.


ACA Open Enrollment

Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplace is open now through January 31, 2017. American Indians and Alaska Natives of all ages are encouraged to learn about the benefits of a Marketplace plan and federal health programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Enroll today - for yourself, for your family, for your community.


IHS is a leader in Telehealth

Telehealth uses electronic communication to provide health care, with patient appointments provided remotely. A nurse or assistant in the room with the patient often supplements telehealth consultations with specialists. IHS finds telehealth is one of the best ways to get health care services where they are needed most.


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