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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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May is Hepatitis Awareness Month

Millions of Americans are living with chronic viral hepatitis, and as many as 75 percent of Americans with chronic viral hepatitis don't know they're infected. Lifesaving treatments are available for chronic hepatitis B and new treatments are available that can cure hepatitis C. The goal of Hepatitis Testing Day on May 19, is to help raise awareness of hepatitis B and hepatitis C and to encourage more individuals to learn their status by getting tested.


May is Healthy Vision Month

Annual eye exams are important to maintaining healthy vision. Many eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, don’t show symptoms in their early stages. IHS uses telemedicine technology to provide high quality, cost-effective annual eye exams to detect problems and prevent diabetes-related vision loss.


May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Many aspects of American Indian and Alaska Native culture and values, such as placing a high value on raising healthy children, respect for elders and positive spirituality are factors which can be protective against mental health conditions and their negative manifestations. The Indian Health Service seeks to provide best practice therapies in a culturally-sensitive manner.


Quality Health Care at IHS

IHS announced the 2016-17 Quality Framework outlining how IHS will develop, implement, and sustain an effective quality program that improves patient experience and outcomes. This is part of ongoing efforts to ensure the delivery of reliable, high quality health care at IHS federal-government-operated, direct service facilities.


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