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Training Opportunities

The IHS is committed to providing access to relevant training opportunities and resources related to substance use and addiction. Improving care for pain and substance use disorder (SUD) begins with equipping health care professionals with necessary knowledge, guidance, and tools. In order to put the HHS 5-Point Strategy to Combat the Opioid Crisis Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  into practice, the IHS supports increasing the capacity of health care professionals and systems of care. Encouraging national and regional care teams to share information and best practices builds a learning culture, breaks down silos, and supports innovation.

In order to provide Mandatory Privacy Training, IHS has developed a new, self-led web-based training program related to the privacy and confidentiality restrictions that apply to substance use disorder treatment records. This program includes HIPAA Privacy and Security, Privacy Act Basics, and 42 CFR Part 2 Confidentiality modules. The Indian Health Manual also includes a statement on controlled substance prescriber training requirements, but other training may also be needed for state licensure. Discover additional training and resources.

IHS Educational Outreach Program (EOP): Pain Management Campaign

The EOP mission is to provide frontline clinicians with evidence-based interactive education, to build relationships with healthcare teams, and identify and address system barriers to decrease variability in the use of evidence-based treatments.

New evidence-based pain management clinician guide, pocket-references (including opioid de-prescribing), fact sheets, and patient education are now available.

Provider-focused resources:

Patient-focused resources:

IHS Pain and Opioid Use Webinar Series

The Pain and Opioid Use Disorder Webinar Series is one of many ways the HOPE Committee offers provider support on pain management and opioid use disorder. The webinar series offers a space for healthcare providers to learn and build ideas for local facilities. The series highlights model IHS programs and collaborates with internal and external subject matter experts to deliver discussions on a wide array of related topics. CEU credits are available for the following professions through live webinar attendance: Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

Previous webinar recordings are linked below:

Treating OUD in the Hospital Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - "Clinical Pearls for Treating Hospitalized Patients with Opioid Use Disorder" (10/19/2023)

Cannabis and Cannabinoids II Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - "A Review of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Part II" (7/23/2023)

Cannabis and Cannabinoids I Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - "A Review of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Part I" (7/19/2023)

Preventing Overdose Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - "Preventing Overdose in Adolescents" (10/25/2022)

Ketamine Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - "Ketamine in the Acute Care Setting" (2/8/2022)

Buprenorphine Micro-induction Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - "Novel Buprenorphine Induction Strategies" (7/12/2021)

Treatment in the ED Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving — "Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in the ED: should it be a choice?" (11/12/2020)

Mental Illness Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving — "Assessment and Treatment of Pain and Co-occurring Opioid Use Disorder in Individuals with Serious Mental Illness" (3/30/2020)

MAT Resources Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving — "Implementing Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment Models – A Review of Resources" (2/4/2020)

Treatment and Pregnancy Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving — "Initiating Buprenorphine as Medication Assisted Treatment for Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorder" (9/30/2019)

Do you have an idea for a webinar topic or want to share your current practices? Email Tincy Maroor, our webinar coordinator.