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Office of the Human Resources Director

Lisa Gyorda Director, Office of Human Resources (301) 443-6520 Rockville, MD
Jennifer Fry Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources (301) 443-3853 Rockville, MD
Shirl Eastep Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources (405) 570-0882 Oklahoma City, OK
Xavier Yazzie Administrative Officer (301) 443-6520 Rockville, MD
Vacant Staff Analyst
Nathan Anderson HR Specialist (SES Program Manager) (605) 681-4940 Beresford, SD

Division of Human Resources Operations & Systems

Vacant Director, Division of Human Resources Operations and Systems
Tanisha Williams HR Specialist (Staffing Officer) 240-535-9972 Rockville, MD
Reanetta Siquieros HR Specialist (Compensation) 301-945-3629 Rockville, MD
Sarah Hochuli  HR Specialist (Compensation) Rockville, MD

Client Services Branch

Vacant Client Services Branch Chief Rockville, MD
Valerie Black HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-2078 Rockville, MD
Melissa Scott-Antone HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-5112 Tucson, AZ
Tamara McKinney HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-1732 Rockville, MD
Vacant HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) Rockville, MD
Jason Begay HR Specialist (Staffing) 301-443-2830 Rockville, MD
Latoya Smith-Butler HR Specialist (Staffing) 301-443-5861 Rockville, MD
Alanna Parker HR Specialist (Staffing) 301-945-3142 Rockville, MD
Pamela Johnson HR Specialist (Classification) 928-871-7422 Window Rock, AZ

HR Systems & Analytics

Janelle Langland Branch Chief (240) 393-8755 Portland, OR
Marjorie Ashley HR Specialist (Information Systems) (505) 905-0117 Window Rock, AZ
Janel Bird HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 338-8561 Browning, MT
Erin Biery HR Specialist (Information Systems) (301) 768-2784 Oklahoma City, OK
Rowe Valadez HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 247-7392 Phoenix, AZ
Kasiakin Beaumont HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 463-8709 Denver, CO
Jackie Black HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 460-1310 Billings, MT

Division of Workforce Relations and Policy (DWRP)

Duane Phillips Director, Division of Workforce Relations and Policy 240-475-7269 Frederick, MD
Christine Hoskins HR Specialist (Classification) 301-443-5878 West Point, VA
Danielle Korban HR Specialist (Labor Relations Officer) 301-346-9815 Rockville, MD
Vacant HR Specialist (Employee Relations Officer) Rockville, MD
Harry Abramson HR Specialist (Employee Relations) 301-443-7285 Rockville, MD
Sophia Lattimore HR Specialist (Performance Officer) 301-443-5878 Rockville, MD
William (Bill) Thimmesch HR Specialist (Training Officer) 301-443-4178 Rockville, MD
Frank Peratrovich Program Analyst (Awards & PMAPs) 301-443-7092 Rockville, MD
Matthew Klusza Software and Systems Support Specialist 240-261-7060 Frederick, MD