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Office of the Human Resources Director

Daniel Frye (Acting) Director, Office of Human Resources (218) 553-1885 Rockville, MD
Jennifer Fry Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources (301) 443-3853 Rockville, MD
Shirl Eastep Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources (405) 570-0882 Oklahoma City, OK
Xavier Yazzie Administrative Officer, Office of Human Resources (301) 443-6520 Rockville, MD
David CondeValiente Program Specialist, Office of Human Resources (301) 443-5059 Rockville, MD
Nathan Anderson HR Specialist, SES Program Manager (605) 681-4940 Beresford, SD

Division of Human Resources Operations & Systems

Kirk Carter Director, Division of Human Resources Operations and Systems 240-963-8948 Rockville, MD
Tanisha Williams HR Specialist (Staffing Officer) 240-535-9972 Rockville, MD

Client Services Branch

Vacant Client Services Branch Chief Rockville, MD
Reanetta Siquieros HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-945-3629 Rockville, MD
Valerie Black HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-2078 Rockville, MD
Katie Griffith HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 240-963-5141 Rockville, MD
Lacey Molenhour HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 240-963-8947 Rockville, MD
Tamara McKinney HR Specialist (Compensation and Benefits) 301-443-1732 Rockville, MD
Arlene Big HR Specialist (Recruitment and Staffing) 928-313-5700 Rockville, MD
Bernita Lester HR Specialist (Special Projects) 928-647-7032 Rockville, MD
Vacant HR Specialist (Recruitment and Staffing)
Vacant HR Specialist (Recruitment and Staffing)

HR Systems & Analytics

Janel Bird Branch Chief (Acting) (240) 338-8561 Rockville, MD
Jackie Black HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 460-1310 Rockville, MD
Kasiakin Beaumont HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 463-8709 Rockville, MD
Jessica Kessell HR Specialist (Information Systems) (240) 963-5149 Rockville, MD

Division of Workforce Relations and Policy (DWRP)

Duane Phillips Director, Division of Workforce Relations and Policy 240-475-7269 Frederick, MD
Christine Hoskins HR Specialist (Classification) West Point, VA
Danielle Korban HR Specialist (Labor Relations Officer) 301-346-9815 Remote
Dora Birdshead HR Specialist (Employee Relations Officer) 240-478-1415 Remote
Harry Abramson HR Specialist (Employee Relations) 301-526-6590 Rockville, MD
Sophia Lattimore HR Specialist (Performance Officer) 240-963-8935 Remote
Travis Ponton HR Specialist (Training Officer) 301-442-7272 Rockville, MD
Frank Peratrovich Program Analyst (Awards & PMAPs) 240-963-8937 Rockville, MD
Matthew Klusza Software and Systems Support Specialist 240-261-7060 Frederick, MD

Division of Health Professions Support (DHPS)

CAPT Francine Barnett Director, Division of Health Professions Support 301-443-0426 Rockville, MD
CAPT Michael Bartholomew Deputy Director, Division of Health Professions Support 301-443-2349 Rockville, MD

Loan Repayment Branch

Correy Ahhaitty Loan Repayment Branch Chief 301-443-2544 Rockville, MD
Jeremy Sheehan Administrative Support Assistant 301-443-2060 Rockville, MD
Vacant Senior Program Analyst Rockville, MD
Carla Billingsley Loan Repayment Analyst 301-332-6183 Rockville, MD
Joseph Drapeaux Loan Repayment Analyst 240-243-3634 Rockville, MD
Daniel Echohawk Loan Repayment Analyst 202-285-5438 Rockville, MD
Catherine Flynn Loan Repayment Analyst 301-443-1795 Rockville, MD
Tara Johnston Loan Repayment Analyst 301-956-9630 Rockville, MD
Janelle Joseph Loan Repayment Analyst 301-443-2228 Rockville, MD
Charity Reyes Loan Repayment Analyst 301-526-0378 Rockville, MD
Benjamin Nakai Loan Repayment Analyst 301-526-0352 Rockville, MD

Scholarship Branch

CAPT Michael Bartholomew Scholarship Branch Chief 301-443-2349 Rockville, MD
Eric Pinto Senior Program Specialist 301-332-6377 Rockville, MD
Cory Curtis Scholarship Program Specialist 240-472-5162 Rockville, MD
Christina Desilva Scholarship Program Specialist 240-893-9544 Rockville, MD
Christopher Eagle Hawk Scholarship Program Specialist 301-332-3765 Rockville, MD
Destiny Khalil Scholarship Program Specialist 240-271-2216 Remote
Alyssa Liverette Scholarship Program Specialist 240-963-8944 Rockville, MD
Jennifer Shade Scholarship Program Specialist 301-332-6377 Rockville, MD
Craig Boswell Grants Management Specialist 301-443-0056 Rockville, MD
Sharon Farris Health Professions Program Liaison 240-535-6627 Rockville, MD

Health Professions Support Branch (HPSB)

Ra'el Augare Health Professions Support Branch Chief 301-346-8625 Rockville, MD
LCDR Devin Cooper IHS Company Commander 301-526-4049 Bethesda, MD
Savi Jaigobind Human Resources Specialist 301-526-1041 Rockville, MD
Keith Bohanan Recruitment and Outreach Program Coordinator 240-705-1331 Rockville, MD
Meredith Hunt Recruitment and Outreach Program Coordinator 240-461-2706 Remote
Justin McHorse Recruitment and Outreach Program Coordinator 240-963-8941 Rockville, MD
Lisa Smith Program Specialist 301-526-5231 Rockville, MD

Division of Personnel Security and Ethics (DPSE)

Randolph Beasley Director, Division of Personnel Security and Ethics 301-204-4688 Rockville, MD
Marilyn Walker-Cunningham Staff Analyst 301-443-4137 Rockville, MD

DPSE - Ethics Branch

Irene Marquez Garner Ethics Coordinator 301-443-5111 Rockville, MD
Justin Groves Government Ethics Specialist 240-535-4985 Rockville, MD

DPSE - Personnel Security Branch

Sharon Duran Personnel Security Specialist 301-443-0804 Rockville, MD
Brenden Cottrell Personnel Security Specialist 240-535-5634 Rockville, MD
DeShelle Downey Personnel Security Specialist 240-893-3404 Rockville, MD
LaJuan Fox Personnel Security Specialist 240-535-1211 Rockville, MD
Jacqueline Honahni Personnel Security Specialist 240-472-0844 Rockville, MD
Jasmene Holloway Personnel Security Specialist 240-461-1312 Rockville, MD
Mariam Osman Personnel Security Specialist 240-463-1521 Rockville, MD
Ashley Smithson Personnel Security Specialist 240-460-3827 Rockville, MD
Alanna Pinkard Personnel Security Specialist 301-346-9574 Rockville, MD
Linita Thompson Personnel Security Specialist 240-839-2160 Rockville, MD
Sasha Welter Personnel Security Specialist 240-535-9306 Rockville, MD
Sean Jackson Personnel Security Specialist 240-963-5147 Rockville, MD

Division of Commissioned Personnel Support (DCPS)

Deanna Dick Director, Division of Commissioned Personnel Support 301-312-7793 Remote
Robin Davidson Deputy Director 240-641-2196 Remote

DCPS - Navajo Region

CDR Lashley Hatch Regional Liaison 301-332-5478 Remote
Deborah Damon HR Military Specialist 240-472-3625 Remote
Lolita Gina Taptto HR Military Assistant 240-535-6934 Remote

DCPS - Northern Plains Region

LCDR Alicia Palazzolo Regional Liaison 301-526-9665 Remote
Leah Dudley HR Military Specialist 301-346-9724 Remote
Dillon Dell HR Military Assistant 240-478-2875 Remote

DCPS - Southeast Region

CDR Frank Dodson Regional Liaison 405-316-0373 Remote
Elliot Kauley HR Military Specialist 240-478-2938 Remote
Benjamin Norman HR Military Assistant 240-460-8545 Remote

DCPS - Southwest Region

CDR Seneca Smith Regional Liaison 405-316-0373 Remote
Stacy Turner HR Military Specialist 907-729-1309 Remote
Lawrence Wright HR Military Assistant 240-461-2093 Remote

DCPS - Western Region

CAPT Aimee Young Regional Liaison 301-526-9645 Remote
Leah Dudley HR Military Specialist 301-346-9724 Remote
Dillon Dell HR Military Assistant 240-478-2875 Remote